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Working for more than 5 years in marketing and sales I learn that one of the key issues is to create the right image for your brand. Every brand needs an image, from nails producers to luxury watch “haute couture” brands like Hublot. What is strange in its essentials is that many companies find image just as a marketing issue covered by the marketing department. Well, experience teaches us different.

Luckily I have my own personal banker, but anyway when you need to realise some fast transaction you rather go to the front desk officers. Many of you will agree that people who work there are not friendly or helpful at all. My experience proves the same. On the other hand the financial sector in general and with bank institutions as flagships of this industry spend tremendous amounts on promotion and image design. Look at their fancy ads, merchandising, offices and other facilities but at the end no body can tell that banks enjoy positive image. It’s not because they are mostly bureaucratic or slow moving, it’s rather because people who work their don’t follow or care about their image!

Image (marketing) in many companies is designed in the way that just the marketing department or the board is taking care about the image. Well, that’s wrong and if you do the same start changing. Image of the company needs to be created and implemented across all departments, communication channels and actions which the company takes. Think about Apple. Every piece of that company is carefully designed to create a positive image about them. Yes image is expensive, yes it takes time and often you think who cares if we smile or not. Well, people care because at the end we are human and we work with each other so positive image creates positive impacts for companies. Researches have shown that many people even don’t understand the word image at its essentials. Try to “google” image and you will find that this is the picture. The picture of your company and brand.