The StoryPad Keywords

  • Presentation
  • CLM
  • Story telling
  • iPad
  • Tablet
  • Content
  • Field presentations
  • Enrich presentations
  • Tablet presentations
  • Understand field feedback
  • Presentation analytics

StoryPad Loop


Be the master over your content.

Content is king and therefore you need to enrich your presentations towards your target persons/audience. Import your own created content (ppt, PDF, html…) to the StoryPad component and change/edit/delete them at ay time. Upload pdf, ppts and other formats to StoryPad who will transfer them to HTML5 and deploy them to the presenter devices.
  • Import your own content
  • Use our agencies network

Field alignment was never easier!

Within StoryPlay administrators have the possibility to upload any content into StoryPad and distribute it towards the presenters. You can deploy global or local content towards single presenters, groups, specific regions or to the entire team.

Metrics that matter

What your target person has viewed, which presentation, what slides and what objects? With StoryPad you learn and better understand your persons by following metrics:
  • Slide/entire presentation duration
  • On which object the person has clicked
  • GPS prove or presented content
  • Banner overview
  • Slide like/dislike and more

Story play. The best story teller ever!

The Story Play engine allows that you tailor the presentation according to the doctors knowledge. Depending about the doctors knowledge level you show particular slides and content. Such engine enables that doctors engage with new content almost every time when you visit them.

We understand the cloud!

Within StoryPlay you get your own storage within our data centres. Depended about the package which you have you can store/manage/delete all of your content.
StoryPadcloud cloud1 cloud2 cloud3 cloud4 cloud5 cloud4

iOS, Android, Windows. All offline.

During presentations persons wants to experience some new presentation/content but you can’t showcase it because you don’t have internet connection? Experience shows that presenters need all information about person visits, presentations and more on their devices, accessible on the field offline. Whatever you use iPad, Android or Windows you can store all information offline on your device and sync them afterwards to the cloud.

Connect StoryPad to your favourite enterprise apps

Import and connect data and content from the most used business tools.
StoryPad is open for partnership and therefore we can integrate any open system together with StoryPad and exchange the data.