Albert Einstein Learnings
Reporting, documenting and other bureaucratic staff are making headache to almost all of us. From my perspective the situation is frustrating as well since I don’t want and can’t afford to lose time on such boring staff.

When somebody says documenting my first think is Germany because they invented it, somehow. Working with Germans can sometimes be very demanding since they want to put absolutely everything on paper and according to some research they invest almost 35% of their working time on writing such documentation. Maybe in this segment and demanding documenting lays one of the success criteria of Germany and Germans?

Working in an very comprehensive marketing environment for more than 6 years taught me that every marketing action which you take, successful or unsuccessful, exciting or boring must include a learning/reporting step. Based on learnings we make decisions to be better next time and have a clean start! This is also one of the beauties of StoryPad because it allows you to make powerful leanings about what you have done on the field in front of your audience. Humans are different and that is why your marketing strategy, materials and communication kits may look amazing for you but for the majority it is maybe rubbish. That is why we need powerful insights and statistics from what we have designed, presented and done. If you implement such behaviour you wont regret and you will be surprised which messages work and which don’t.