Hello to all of you and it is my pleasure to write the first post ever on the StoryPad blog! I admit that everyone knows what an petrol head I am. Unfortunately the car industry is changing a lot and we are in the shift when petrol moves to hybrid or electric. Even the ultimate petrol producers such as Lamborghini follow that trend by announcing new hybrid or elector concept.s One friend of mine who is an similar petrol head as I produces the fastest electric car in the world with more than 1000 horse powers. known under Concept One from Rimac Automobili. Despite your main believes and values the world is changing and as the world changes from petrol to electric cars so all industries follow that path.
One of the second hobbies besides cars is for sure business and all fields related to it. What I learn is that many companies spend lots of money on printing promotional materials which they afterwards distribute. The problem is that bulk printed promotional materials don’t have purpose anymore. People don’t pay attention on reading some generic and bulk staff because the internet has changed our behavior where we seek and become the tailored information just on the fly. Consider the Britannica Encyclopaedia versus Wikipedia. Who won and why? In business many companies still have the printed material approach where they spend alibi money for some alibi actions. At the end you even don’t understand or know the customers feedback once he reads the promotional materials. That’s why our creative group of people behind StoryPad has see the window of opportunity for a world where all promotional material becomes digital. A opportunity where you can present your content and stories and know exact and measurable results from your customers. And you even save the trees. One customer of StoryPad from Spain calculated that with StoryPad they saved more than 50 trees on annual level because they don’t need to print brochures anymore.
Ecology has become important and we need to save our nature but business still didn’t adopt to that. That’s why StoryPad is the Tesla electric car for business presentations and story telling. We will change the nature of presentations by knowing exact feedback from our customers to whom we present our stories and as an positive side effect we will even save the trees and our planet! Keep informed about StoryPad!