Travel the world monument concept
Recently I read some interesting article/infographic how to communicate with different nations around the world (the link is available here). Since our job is quite international I can speak from first hand how much such statement fits in the real business world.

I do agree that each nation has some differences and specifics, especially the Japanese or Chinese as a good example. Anyway I completely disagree with the statement that you should always tailor to local habits when presenting. Why so? Consider us as human beings who have lots of similarities around the world. We all drink Coke, use iPhones, drive German cars and do many things in common. All those great products needed to be sold/presented by someone and companies around the world. Welcome to globalisation! Young people in normal cases abolish barriers and borders and they speak the usual Facebook or Instagram slang. More than ever humans speak on the same frequency and common understanding.

From my experience when you present some idea, product or negotiate you should ALWAYS follow those rules:

Inform yourself about recent events. Sports is a great topic to start a conversation with someone before getting serious about business. Congratulate about some recent sport result or positive event which happened.

Inform yourself about the company/person. Today on internet you can get any information so you should inform yourself about the company or individuals with whom you will have the meeting. In that way you can show that you care about the person(s)/company.

Present confidently. Its easier to say that to do but you should always keep a well working presentation with rich media content and where you speak rather than read from your sliders, pictures or content.

Closing. To close the meeting is key because here you establish the final connection. Repeat the goals, objectives and next steps which are coming ahead.

Following those unique and simple rules allows me to make real powerful presentations. All those crucial steps combined with modern technology in hardware and software allow us to abolish all barriers and to create a flat work where everybody who is living on Earth understands each other.