Did you know that goldfish can pay attention up to 9 seconds? So this cute animal will stare at you for full 9 seconds during feeding or knocking on the aquarium. On the other side the modern human being pays attention on unknown or new messages for only 8 seconds!

Sounds quite interesting that our attention sensor is somehow damaged compared to that from an goldfish. For that situation we can credit for sure marketing because in the sea of all and everything we bomb humans with more than 30.000 brands per day! So it is clear that we must change our attitude if we plan to succeed in this new environment but the question is how? For sure that there is no unique recipe but one of the segments where we must improve is the communication with our customers or possible leads.

One of the beneficial ways how to increase attention during leads and pitches is for sure to be well prepared but furthermore to use modern solutions and technology in place. Any kind of presentation should be well prepared and realised through an iPad or other modern mobile devices. I can share our experience which is a well prepared presentation done via iPad and our amazing presentation platform StoryPad which tracks real customer/lead data from the presentations. Those days we live in a mobile world where the usage of technology and modern software is not a question mark but rather an typical tool how we can raise attention!