Goldfish attention

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Did you know that goldfish can pay attention up to 9 seconds? So this cute animal will stare at you for full 9 seconds during feeding or knocking on the aquarium. On the other side the modern human being pays attention on unknown or new messages for only 8 seconds! Sounds quite interesting that our… Read more »

Present around the world

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Travel the world monument concept

Recently I read some interesting article/infographic how to communicate with different nations around the world (the link is available here). Since our job is quite international I can speak from first hand how much such statement fits in the real business world. I do agree that each nation has some differences and specifics, especially the… Read more »

Greek saving presentations

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Greece Financial Crisis Cartoon

One of my top 100 quotes comes from John Nash who said that “In a dream it’s typical not to be rational.” John Nash was an famous American mathematician who contributed in game theory and won the Nobel prize in 1994 as well. Most of us know him from the biography movie “A beautiful mind”… Read more »

My presentation ROCKS!

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Shutter Stock

All of us agree that knowing and presenting something are not synonyms. Imagine just how Steve Ballmer would introduce a revolutionary product like the iPhone in 2007 instead of Steve Jobs? Maybe he would shout iPhone, iPhone, iPhone…? Many, many times ideas, products or companies are forgotten just because no one can distribute the right… Read more »

The horrible learnings! 

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Albert Einstein Learnings

Reporting, documenting and other bureaucratic staff are making headache to almost all of us. From my perspective the situation is frustrating as well since I don’t want and can’t afford to lose time on such boring staff. When somebody says documenting my first think is Germany because they invented it, somehow. Working with Germans can… Read more »

Why content fails? 

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People using storypad

Ever watched product keynotes from Apple, Sony, Samsung or Tesla? Which you like the most? If you ask me, I go for Apple but during the Jobs era. Nowadays the keynotes are static and simply boring because no person with charisma is doing them. All marketers say that content is king. Lion is a king… Read more »

Why image is so important?

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Apple Toshiba Store

Working for more than 5 years in marketing and sales I learn that one of the key issues is to create the right image for your brand. Every brand needs an image, from nails producers to luxury watch “haute couture” brands like Hublot. What is strange in its essentials is that many companies find image… Read more »

The electric car for presentations

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Hello to all of you and it is my pleasure to write the first post ever on the StoryPad blog! I admit that everyone knows what an petrol head I am. Unfortunately the car industry is changing a lot and we are in the shift when petrol moves to hybrid or electric. Even the ultimate… Read more »