StoryPad is the fastest growing start-up for cloud field presentations.

Multichannel is the philosophy woven into our products.

Storytelling is crucial in today’s business world, and with StoryPad we help you create, control and analyse your field stories.

The team behind Storypad has been working for decades on the senior management levels of IT, sales and marketing, and all of this expertise was incorporated into the best cloud presentation platform.

Tablet devices have changed the marketing interaction with customers. Storypad maximises the usage of your tablets by incorporating all of your marketing materials into it.

4.9/5 is our customer satisfaction rating according to the latest surveys, but we still see room for improvements.


Founded in: 2014

Headquarters: Cakovec, Croatia

Support and locations: 10+ worldwide, more coming soon

Implemented in 40+ countries



StoryPad is a game-changer, enabling digital presentations at a glance. Create, show, know and learn your stories from the field and marketing activities, and engage your customers like never before.



StoryPad was designed around flexibility, which grants you the power to maintain all the important channels and contents of your engagement with clients.



Consider StoryPad as the electric car of marketing presentation. We save trees and the nature because nothing needs to be printed anymore with StoryPad



Forget everything you know about CRM. Media-Soft Pharmacentric solutions offers a radically different approach. The doctor, channels and rep connect in ways they have never connected before.



StoryPad enables a wide network of various agencies together with which you can create your awesome content and be unique in your presentations to customers.