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Ever watched product keynotes from Apple, Sony, Samsung or Tesla? Which you like the most? If you ask me, I go for Apple but during the Jobs era. Nowadays the keynotes are static and simply boring because no person with charisma is doing them. All marketers say that content is king. Lion is a king as well, but what does it mean?

When I started to work, the company decided to redesign the messaging and content for promotional and marketing activities including presentations, e-mails and remaining marketing staff. This was six years ago. Today looking at that content which we designed makes me think who created that rubbish content? Was it really us? Like every rational human being I learned a lesson and some of the key findings on how to write powerful, catchy and smart content can be summarised through those findings:

KISS – Maybe most important but keep your content simply stupid so that everyone can understand what you are selling and presenting

– Avoid “Curse of knowledge” – this term comes from authors Chip and Dan Heath who say that when people create a respectful knowledge base very often people speak abstractly so that nobody can understand them. Make sure that your message is received by your interlocutor

5×5 rule – During my presentations I design the content that it has maximum 5 words per bullet and in total maximum 5 bullets. Slides with pictures and without text are even better because when you speak for the slide the interlocutor will see that you are in charge and de facto an expert

– Image – People really notice how you dress, look and express yourself. Like it or not but this is important!

Hear you next friday.